Sanna Marin and the female leadership myth

It is with great sadness that I must report the departure of the world’s only female head of state who is as fit as a butcher’s dog, Sanna Marin of Finland. Sanna’s Social Democrats – plus her allies in various awful left-wing parties – have seen their votes slump as the Finns turn to the right, meaning that the country’s next leader is likely to be a white male in lateish middle age with bad breath – same ol’, same ol’, etc.

Sanna was a kind of progressive Scandi’s wet dream: raised by lesbians and thus from a ‘rainbow family’ (as she put it), the 37-year-old is also a vegetarian – in a country where almost all vegetables are illegal. Her attractive appearance and rather racy image – she enjoyed ‘partying’ and sometimes didn’t wear many clothes, plus there were exciting drug allegations (which she denied) – briefly cheered up a nation with one of the highest suicide rates in Europe. But now she is gone.

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