“A Multifaceted Women’s Power When a woman achieves greatness, she exudes a captivating energy and an infectious sense of possibility”

Women’s leadership continues to change the globe, whether it is by leading governments, defending human rights, or directing the most significant institutions.

Nilam Agarwal, a fantastic leader, spiritual activist, and ethical human being, is here with me today.

Namaskar, I’m Nilam Agarwal, president of the Marwari Mela Samiti of Bhubaneshwar. I’m here today to talk about some religious issues as well as other things.

I work as a social worker, and my faith is in religion. I enjoy doing social work a lot because I believe that if God has given us the ability to serve someone, we should do it. I firmly believe this. Giving aid to others makes me feel good spiritually. My mind will be in a joyful mood, which aids in my ability to do more.

Read more at: https://interviewtimes.net/a-multifaceted-womens-power/


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