A Rise in Female Leadership Will Trigger Newfound Economic Growth and Inclusion (By Kelly-Ann Mealia)

While women’s participation in leadership roles globally has been minimal for centuries, a new wave of female leaders promise change, inclusion and overall equality. In June 2022, Colombia elected its first Black Female Vice President, H.E. Francia Márquez, an environmental activist who has emerged as a powerful spokesperson for black Colombians and various marginalized communities. With H.E. Márquez’ election, a new era of equality and inclusion awaits the country, and the African continent and diaspora as well as the international community needs to rally their support, both of her and other female leaders around the world.

Read more at: https://www.zawya.com/en/press-release/africa-press-releases/a-rise-in-female-leadership-will-trigger-newfound-economic-growth-and-inclusion-by-kelly-ann-mealia-lbr02qr0


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