Spearheading The Next Big Change: Women Equality And Power

Women are at par with men but mostly figuratively. We have seen how in different spheres of life, women have to battle it out to emerge at the top. The challenge isn’t easy to clinch but one has to be resilient in their approach in order to clinch this uphill task.

Technically speaking, women can accomplish everything that makes them deserving of the elite position, but then again why are there so limited women in power? Even if you take a look at the government positions, you will find it to be mostly patriarchal. Isn’t the need felt for the right changes to come in?There are companies that have become the spearhead for change. You can find women at some of the top positions. There are even women CEOs leading some of the biggest companies in the world, but is that enough to say that women have come at par with men? Definitely, no!

So, one has to take the right action and initiative to bridge this gap as this will help in having an ideal society. The top positions in different spheres of life; be it business, politics or anything else should be rewarded on the basis of merit, talent, and capabilities rather than the gender. Gender is definitely not a parameter which can decide how fit one is for the job roles.

We do agree that the world as a whole has come a long way. Ever since the time when things were terrible for the women clan with their roles being locked in homes; the dynamics have undergone major changes. But then again, we still have a long way to go.

The solutions

Simply putting up too many questions won’t help. In order to rectify the grave situation we are stuck at; we will also need to come up with solutions.

Women only conferences

Ideally, women need to, first of all, believe that they deserve to be at the top. So, there need to be conferences for women, by women and of women. In these conferences, light should be shed on how they too can climb to the top position and demand equal salary as men. When women feel deserving, it will be the start of a new revolution.

Leadership classes

Leadership classes should be organized for women. A lot of women have latent talent which needs to be brought to the forefront. So, focus should be on how to bring the best out of women. Try and awake the leader in every woman so that she, in turn, could inspire others and be the change the society badly needs.

Talent recognition

Talent hunts can be held for women to help them spot the skills they possess. This way, people will understand why women too deserve the top spots in different walk of life.

Of course, there are a lot of other solutions which one can possibly opt for. However, the main thing is to first bring a change in the mentality and then the rest can follow.

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