ClearEdge Launches Women’s Leadership Development Community for the Recruiting and Workforce Solutions Industry

ClearEdge continues its expansion of services for the recruiting and workforce solutions industry by launching ClearEdge Rising, a career growth community that supports and advances women. ClearEdge Rising helps recruiting and workforce solutions companies nurture an expanding contingent of women to rise within and lead their organizations.

Research shows the percentage of women in leadership roles decreases as the size of the staffing firm increases. While women comprise a median 66% of staffing firm internal staff, they only hold 18% of CEO/owner positions at large staffing firms. This lack of diversity is a roadblock to organizational success. Companies with gender diverse leadership teams and boards consistently outperform those with less diversity in terms of profitability and innovation. In addition, companies with higher levels of gender diversity, and policies and practices that focus on gender diversity, are linked to lower levels of employee turnover.

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