Why women’s leadership is vital in an uncertain world

Mary Robinson gave a keynote address to the Women’s Empowerment Assembly at The Genron NPO Tokyo Conference on the importance of women’s leadership in creating a peaceful, sustainable and equitable future. She calls on leaders to confront prejudice and discrimination, and to hear and respect women’s voices.

Read Mary Robinson’s speech

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a pleasure to be with you here today for this important and timely discussion. We do indeed live in an uncertain world. I believe that women’s leadership is critical to put us on a path to a peaceful, sustainable and equitable future.

The pioneering Japanese feminist Raicho Hiratsuka wrote in the early twentieth century that “in the beginning, woman was the sun”. This is a powerful image which resonates today. I believe that women have energy, warmth and power, and can illuminate our world with a clear and distinct perspective.

Read more at: https://theelders.org/news/why-womens-leadership-vital-uncertain-world


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