‘Women Emerging Expedition’ Sets Out To Explore Approaches To Leadership That Resonate With Women

With the many serious and complex problems we face as a nation and around the world, advancing women’s leadership—and including women’s much-needed perspectives, skill sets and approaches to leadership and problem-solving in all areas of society—is more important than ever. Not only has the lack of diversity and traditional models of leadership failed us at every level—from the devastation of our planet to crumbling social safety nets to the use of militarism over diplomacy to increasing authoritarianism and the rolling back of human rights and women’s rights—but it has also prevented women from being able to participate in a system that wasn’t designed for them to thrive.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marianneschnall/2022/11/18/women-emerging-expedition-sets-out-to-explore-approaches-to-leadership-that-resonate-with-women/?sh=4ad11b765521


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