Havas Group India kickstarts ‘Women who Inspire’ initiative to foster gender diversity and women leadership

With an aim of looking at the challenges women employees face and to help clear their paths and allow for the talented and dynamic leaders to rise to the top, Havas India Group has kickstarted the ‘Women who Inspire’ initiative to foster gender diversity and women leadership.

The objective is to bring about a cultural transformation and mindset shift that will help the network build a diverse and strong workforce that is futuristic and encourages many more women leaders in the group. A core group has been formed which consists of members in senior roles, across all its six agencies, who are in a position to influence, inspire, and mentor the next rung of leadership. 

Read more at: https://www.businessinsider.in/advertising/ad-agencies/news/havas-group-india-kickstarts-women-who-inspire-initiative-to-foster-gender-diversity-and-women-leadership/articleshow/79505687.cms

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