If we give women the same rights as men when it comes to leadership, we’ll wind up with even more incompetent people in power, says a personality science expert

Recent discussion of gender equality tends to assume that the world would be fairer if we allow women to have the same rights as men. However, when it comes to leadership, this would be quite problematic. Men are often selected into leadership roles on the basis of their confidence rather than competence; aggression rather than humility; and greed rather than integrity.

Furthermore, we are not particularly good at picking leaders, which is why most leaders are incompetent.

Read more at: https://www.businessinsider.in/if-we-give-women-the-same-rights-as-men-when-it-comes-to-leadership-well-wind-up-with-even-more-incompetent-people-in-power-says-a-personality-science-expert/articleshow/69027698.cms

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