Female Leadership–‘Be Competent Like A Woman And Confident And Ambitious Like A Man’

The digital world has by far greater potential to be more equal, less prejudiced and more inclusive than the traditional one–we don’t know who is sitting behind the machine, who is handling the application we have sent, etc. And yet the digital world is still dominated by men. During UCTAD’s E-commerce Week that took place early April in Geneva, Rebecca Enonchong, a tech founder and CEO of AppsTech, shared how hiding her title as a female founder helped her grow her company. However, she could not hide her role from VCs and that has limited her ability to raise funds.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ninaangelovska/2019/04/23/female-leadership-be-competent-like-a-woman-and-confident-and-ambitions-like-a-man/#41c83494201c

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