3 self empowerment tips for women in leadership roles

With emphasis on diversity initiatives in organizations around the world, the conversations around the empowerment of women leaders is gaining momentum. With that, it is essential for women leaders to focus on self empowerment tips to build their personal magnetism.

Coach Vikram. Executive, leadership and career development coach, shares his valuable thoughts on self empowerment tips for women. Contrary to popular belief, magnetism is not about appearance. Magnetism, in fact, depends on energy, engagement, and charm. The key is to intentionally ‘show up’ in this world. Women leaders are often caught up in the politics of hierarchies and the need to build credibility. As much as this is important, they ought to also pay attention to the energy that they bring to the table when they choose to engage and charm their audience.

Read more at: https://www.healthshots.com/mind/happiness-hacks/3-self-empowerment-tips-for-women-in-leadership-roles/


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