5 Things Bees Can Teach Us About Feminism

Bees function within female-run communities. Male bees are almost useless. How that compares to humanity… depends on your viewpoint. This World Bee Day, after finding out more about the female-led societies of bees, we decided to run a little test and ask ourselves: does the world need men?

First, we asked the internet. The reviews were mixed. Science’s answer is yes; mainly for procreation purposes. The Goddess of Pop, Cher, however, replied to the question with: “Like, for what?” Which is an equally reputable answer. 

Then we asked our team. Content Creation Manager, Tess Lowery said: “Need? No.” 

Our Director of Food Security, Nutrition, and Agriculture, Mwandwe Chileshe responded: “It’s good for biodiversity, from that perspective all species are needed.”

Read more at: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/lessons-bees-can-teach-us-about-feminism/


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