Enhancing Female Leadership: Strategies Deployed by Women CEOs in India

At a time when the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ has been shattered in several fields, India Inc still has fewer women who’ve made it to the top. There are many who fall through the cracks while moving up a company’s hierarchy. Now — even as organisations adopt practices to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion — women CEOs are going the extra mile to pull more females up the corporate ladder.

Edelweiss Mutual Fund’s Approach

Mentoring Circle for Women

Edelweiss Mutual Fund, led by MD & CEO Radhika Gupta, has a mentoring circle where mid-level women mentor groups of six-eight. They end up creating a ‘sisterhood’ to help women share issues and find solutions within the organisation.

Read more at: https://indiacsr.in/enhancing-female-leadership-strategies-deployed-by-women-ceos-in-india/


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