Spotlight: 25 inspiring women leaders who’ve created a ‘Lasting Legacy’

To celebrate 25 years of its ‘Priceless’ campaign, Mastercard recently released its Lasting Legacy book that showcases 25 women leaders who have successfully broken-down barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Jennifer Rademaker, chief future of work officer, Mastercard, said: “A critical factor in redressing this imbalance is to support more women in achieving leadership positions. Apart from the many documented benefits of having women leaders, these women are role models for others, inspiring women to dream and think bigger in their aspirations and expectations. We are proud to showcase women leaders from around the world who are making a difference on a global scale. We find these women incredibly inspiring and have chosen their stories for this legacy project to celebrate their journeys and accomplishments.

“We asked these leaders to be candid about their experiences in their lives and in their work. Many of them have been successful in fields that were traditionally male-dominated, breaking down barriers for the next generation. We also wanted to hear about their inspirations and their vision and hopes for the future.”

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