75 Years After Independence, Women’s Leadership In Panchayats Looks Like A Mockery Of Constitution

One of the most loved web series in India is “Panchayat”, it was loved for its simplicity and close-to-reality scenes and dialogues. Each and every character of this series touched the heart of audiences and received immense love and applause. 

The story involves the character of Pradhan ji, a male character who runs the office (Sarpanch) without being officially elected through direct elections. His wife fought the election as the seat was reserved for women candidates only. She is a nominal head and the power was exercised by her husband. 

Read more at: https://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/75-years-after-independence-womens-leadership-in-panchayats-looks-like-a-mockery-of-constitution-577023.html


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