‘Comms industry should lead the way in promoting female leadership’

The third edition of e4m PR and Corp Comm Women Achievers Summit and Awards 2022 was witness to a virtual keynote address by Sarah Pinch, Managing Director of Pinch Communications. She spoke to the audience about women in leadership roles in the communications industry, how women’s domination of the industry and being in top roles still have an imbalance and how networking can benefit them.

She explores statistics around women in leadership roles and says, “Some research done by the Chartered Institute of public relations show that actually at the manager level within the industry, it’s pretty equal numbers of men and women. 

Read more at: https://www.exchange4media.com/pr-and-corporate-communication-news/comms-industry-should-lead-the-way-for-promoting-women-in-leadership-roles-123295.html


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