An all-female leadership team on ‘Turning Red’ made it easier for Pixar creatives to share ’embarrassing period stories’ to brainstorm its coming-of-age movie

Pixar‘s 25th animated feature, “Turning Red,” is the studio’s first film to have an all-female leadership team, with a female director, producer, visual-effects supervisor, and production designer among its lead creatives. 

During a press day for the film, director Domee Shi (who previously helmed Pixar’s Oscar-winning short film “Bao”) told Insider it was especially helpful to brainstorm the coming-of-age film with other women since “Turning Red” follows a tween, Meilin (Rosalie Chiang) who starts turning into a giant red panda — a metaphor for puberty — whenever she’s overly excited. 

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