Letizia, a queen of basics for female leadership

New event on the agenda for Queen Letizia in an especially important week for the Bourbon family. Next Friday, the princess of Asturias You will receive the Confirmation in the company of your classmates. He will do it in the same church where he celebrated his First Communion and a year earlier than expected by the school, since at the end of the summer he travels to Wales to study two years of International Baccalaureate at the prestigious Atlantic College of UWC. An important institution in which another of the future queens of Europe, Elisabeth de los Belgas, current Duchess of Brabant, has already studied and where she will coincide with Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, of the same age.

Read more at: https://marketresearchtelecast.com/letizia-a-queen-of-basics-for-female-leadership/53891/

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