Female Mobile Game Designers Are Changing The Industry For Women & The Evidence Is In Your Smartphone

You’ve probably played hours upon hours of the unbelievably popular Words With Friends, and may think you know the game inside and out. But behind the app is a major cultural shift in how we’re thinking about games and gaming — and specifically, how the industry is changing for women, in a post-Gamergate world. Bustle spoke to Lead Experience Designer for Zynga, the company behind Words With Friends, Michelle David, and Lead Game Designer Kate Stavola, to see exactly how this shift is occurring — and what women who want to get into the tech side of gaming need to know.

More information: https://www.bustle.com/p/female-mobile-game-designers-are-changing-the-industry-for-women-the-evidence-is-in-your-smartphone-5510622

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